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Learning Team Reflection: Controlling

MGT 521
June 10, 2013
Doris Savron

Learning Team Reflection: Controlling

A control system is a system model in an organization that allows for a manager to monitor business activities, measure performance through planning and targeting which can unsatisfactory performance of individuals or changing organizational plans and targets as a whole. In this case the team is deciding how the types of control measures would be efficient and effective to employees at a call center for timeshare vacations. A control system ensures that the performance of employees is in line with all organizational plans as well as in response to any changing factors. With a model control system a manger would have guidelines to monitor employees efficiency in operations, and friendliness in customer service. These guidelines would set the stage for a successful operation, and if there were a problem there would be a professional ability to diagnose the problem. The process of control would consist of establishing performance standards through strategy and goals. These strategy and goals would then be a guideline for a call center management to monitor performance. These performances could be paved as workable behavioral standards. 
This could help to monitor inappropriate behavior from frontline staff as well. Measuring the performance in a call center should consist of assessing employee performances on a regular bases. This is where defining a healthy performance comes in because having a guideline to compare what is exceptional and not expectable. You could measure the performance of the individual and take steps to creating a diagnoses of the problem.

Effective Quality Control Measures
Controls monitor the performance of employees and assist management in determining the effectiveness of their departments. Effective quality control monitoring often requires a robust plan, which should be...

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