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Riordan Manufacturing recently been advised of the potential benefits of utilizing a cloud based network. Implementing a cloud based network will allow employees, contractors and business partners to access information stored on Riordan’s servers. There are additional security risk that will be presented by implementing this technology. These security risk will need to be overcome in the form of access controls and other security tools. Ultimately, the ability to become a mobile enterprise and the ability to adapt to an agile environment will keep Riordan Manufacturing one step ahead of their competitors. Organization Data

Cloud based computing is an excellent resource for any organization looking to become mobile. This technology allows employees, contractors and business partners to access data remotely. Remote access to this data may include but is not limited to web based applications. This will allow Riordan to take advantage of data processing, centralized data storage and computer resources. Keeping all data on a shared server will allow the previous noted stakeholders to access data away from work. Another huge benefit that must be notated is this idea relieves the risk of data being compromised on that individual client machine. Due to the data being stored on a server that will be protected by physical access controls no data is actually stored on the clients hard drive. Through the use of proper tools and access controls an administrator is able to properly control what data can be queried from the database. Before implementing any cloud based computing environment the organization needs detailed policy and procedures in place. These policy and procedures should contain who can access the data being requested and how they will access this...

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