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Controlling management
Organizational control is defined as the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities to make them consistent with the expectations established in plans and to help them achieve all predetermined standards of performance1. There are 3 types of control. Firstly, feed forward controls that mean preventive controls that try to anticipate problems and take corrective action before they occur. For example a team leader checks the quality, completeness and reliability of their tools prior to going to the site. Secondly is a concurrent control sometimes it is called screening controls means occur while an activity is taking place. Example – the team leader checks the quality or performance of his members while performing on the equipments in the site. Finally, feedback controls is measure activities that have already been completed. Thus corrections can take place after performance is over. For example feedback from facilities engineers regarding the completed job. Besides, there are several steps in control process2. First step is establishing performance standards. A standard is a unit of measurement that can serve as a reference point for evaluating results. Management should set its sights on something it wants to accomplish.  Managers should exercise control by comparing performance to some standards or goals. Second step is measuring performance. After setting the standards, managers must monitor performance to ensure that it complies with the established standards. It is determining how often to measure performance is an important decision. A strategic control point is a performance measurement point located sufficiently early in an activity to allow any necessary corrective actions to be taken to accomplish the objective. This can be done through the following personal observations, written or oral reports by or about employees, automatic method, and inspections, test or samples. The third step is...
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