Control Mechanisms

Topics: Management, Control, Employment Pages: 4 (1570 words) Published: August 24, 2009
In most organizations, managers and leaders must take into account many factors, procedures, and components in order to have proper control. Managers need to be aware of each event that happens within the organization, which may include employee behaviors, group interaction, and customer service. As managers try to balance the components of an organization, he or she must pay adequate attention to what makes the place work effectively. Maintaining effectiveness, productivity, and good morale is called being in control of the situation. Although being in control is essential, the possibility of a manager maintaining too much control may exist.

The more objects a manager attempts to have control over, the less time he or she has to attend to each matter. Maintaining too much control can cause the manager to not pay close enough attention to important factors due to the enormous amount of plans and procedures he or she may be controlling, which can be caused by a lack of delegation, or a failure to use systems that are in place to help the manager maintain control. When a manager is too busy to maintain control effectively, quality, safety, and security usually decrease, which is where the danger in maintaining too much control over plans and projects lies.

One example of a manager having too much control is the lack of delegation. Lack of delegation may cause the manager to become burned out and become ill due to lack of rest, which in turn may cause the manager to be out of work. If the manager is out of work the potential for decreases in quality control arise. Mistakes are made when the only person who knows how things work is no longer employed with the company. Due to the manager handling all the work, the employees would have no idea on how things should be done, which leads to tasks not being completed properly. Another example of too much control is the lack of coaching. A good manager knows how to oversee and make sure things are running...

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