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Knits Co 36 mins
Knits是一家小型的制造及销售高品质针织品的公司。它的客户主要是时尚精品店。Knits有两名董事,一个是非执行董事,另一个则参与公司的日常业务管理。除两名董事外,还有10名其他员工。其中6名为工厂工作人员,1名为仓库管理人员,1名为销售代表,另外2名为财务人员。其中Miss Jones,负责处理销售及应收账款,Mrs Singh负责采购及工资,Mrs Singh为兼职人员,每周五个早上到公司工作。销售代表需要拜访整个地区的店铺,他从各个客户那里接受订单,并记录于一个pre-numbered two-part order form,并把填写完成的单据递交财务部。Miss Jones将其中一联单据归档,并将另一联交仓库。 Knits Co is a small company which manufactures and sells high quality knitwear. Its customers are mainly fashion boutiques. Knits Co has two directors, one of who is non-executive. The other is involved in the day-to-day administration of the company. There are ten other employees. Six of these work in the factory, one works in the warehouse, one is a sales representative and two are accounts staff. The accounts staff consist of Miss Jones, who is responsible for processing sales and receivables, and Mrs Singh, who is the purchases and wages clerk. Mrs Singh works part-time, five mornings a week. The company’s sales representative visits shops throughout the region. He takes orders from customers which he records on a pre-numbered two-part order form. He passes the completed forms to the accounts department. Miss Jones files one copy of the order form in numerical sequence and passes the other to the warehouse.

运货商从仓库发运货物,附带一联发运通知单交客户,另一份交Miss Jones,并由Miss Jones根据发运信息刑具货物发票。Miss Jones将其中一联交客户,另一联留存。每周五,Miss Jones将本周的销售发票录入销售分类账,然后她根据客户姓名的字母顺序将发票归档。因为文件存放空间有限,发运通知单并不留存。Miss Jones每天打开信箱,并且登记收到的汇款单。每周五,她将这些信息录入销售分类账。收到的支票每天由执行董事送存银行。Miss Jones每月复核一次销售分类账,并对收到货物后90天未付款的客户进行书面通知。销售分类账每天进行打印。Miss Jones直接对着电脑屏幕核对销售分类账。公司的计算机软件能够生成销售日报表及销分类账。但是Miss Jones并没有使用,因为她认为销售量不大(10-15张发票/周),这些功能没必要使用。 The completed order is despatched from the warehouse by carrier, accompanied by one copy of a despatch note. The other copy is sent to Miss Jones, who prepares an invoice based on the information it contains and on the company’s price list. She sends one copy of the invoice to the customer, and a second copy of the invoice is retained. Each Friday, Miss...
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