Contributions of the Imt at Nuremberg and the Imtfe to the Modern Law of International Criminal Law

Topics: Nuremberg Trials, Command responsibility, War crime Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Contributions of the IMT at Nuremberg and the IMTFE to the modern law of International Criminal Law Undoubtedly, major development in international law has occurred in recent years through the establishment of several tribunals and their statutes. There have been several criticisms concerning the decisions delivered by those tribunals mainly arguing that they were biased and illegitimate for numerous reasons. They were accused of being unfair and merely institutions for “victor’s justice”. Also they criticized the fact that Germany did not form part of the IMT Charter. Although it was not perfect justice, those tribunals acted like international platform where accused persons were held responsible of their acts under international law for the crimes they committed. However, it cannot be denied that their creation was necessary answer to the mass atrocities committed by the Nazi regime and by Japan. Indeed, those tribunals laid the foundation for modern international criminal law. Contribution of the IMT for Nuremberg

The Nuremberg trials were important for various reasons. They not only enlightened details about Nazi atrocities, but had a great impact on the development of international criminal law. The first 40 years after the Nuremberg trial were period of slow progress in the development of international criminal law. From the perspective of global politics, they influenced the development of national criminal law into human rights and humanitarian fields. Therefore, they marked a turning point in the national jurisprudence focusing on individual responsibility of leaders, organizers, instigators as well as accomplices for serious mass atrocities. The concept of ‘crimes against humanity’ found formal expression and codification through the IMT for Nuremberg. The Nuremberg principles that is the principles applied at Nuremberg helped in the publishing of several statutes such as the Genocide Convention....
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