Contributions of Religion

Topics: Religion, Morality, Ethics Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Explain the ways in which religion contributes to the lives of individuals and society. Religion is a set of beliefs that govern an adherents morality, ethics, values, and as a whole their daily behaviours and attitudes. Offering the cause, nature and purpose of the universe; religion provides an individual with an identity and a sense of belonging to the world and their community. Devoid of such an understanding, people wouldn’t know how to treat themselves, others and the environment; taking away the crucial sense of their place on earth and furthermore their aspirations of peace, development and survival. Naturally as consequence, religion contributes to the lives of all individuals and society. As long as humanity has existed, people have been avidly trying to find the answer to life’s profound questions; how did the universe come to be, what it is they need to do to last both on earth and after death. Due to answering such questions, religion has been used by humans to develop and improve their lives, giving life meaning and order. Maintaining such order and wellbeing is the essential basis that human society rests on. Giving people the idea of how to behave and interact with one another, religion’s order creates harmony, the factor that is compulsory for survival. Principal teachings of religion are what then coach generations on how to preserve this amity. Even if a person is not spiritual, Religion’s ethical teachings have been known to even influence the administration of each nation’s legislative acts; Separate legal systems and law reforms rising from the laws inability to discriminate people’s virtues. Moreover social welfare is a constant practice within religious traditions, care facilities such as hospitals and orphanages often developed by religious institutes. The roles and positions of people within society are also determined by religions. The place of each sex and the definitions of childhood are two main examples. This is then followed by...
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