Contributions of Modern Society

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Buddhism Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: May 24, 2011
The place of worship in the middle Ages was a place where anyone, regardless of the class, could belong. The source of unity, it accomplished influences on art and architecture. As time began to change from the antique system of the Romanesque period, new standards of understanding independence began to take hold; the birth of Gothic. Here, the Church became a place where people became more acceptable; becoming the adequate place to observed such new ideals. The unique Gothic architecture characterized most in the great cathedrals of the 12th thru 14th Centuries in St. Denis, Notre Dame, Chartres, Salisbury, Durham, Amiens, and more. Most Gothic structures emphasize the vertical, drawing one's eyes upward toward the heavens with the awesomeness of God. These cathedrals built with ascending peaks, pointed arches and strengthening giving influences of cooperation and radiance. One of the main achievements of the 12th and 13th centuries was to determine the engineering expertise of the ridged vault, pointed arch and help to give a famous cathedral that is at once sophisticated than the ones before. Even though, the pointed arch could prove more powerful than its former, there was still an issue of finding a way to improve the large masonry ceiling vaults over large spans. In order to maintain the outward thrust of barrel vaults, vertical foundation walls have to be unusually clear and powerful. What makes possible the extended use of ridged vaulting and pointed arches to open and revitalize the walls and extent of the cathedral link above the aisle roof that extends from the upper nave wall, where the first thrust of the central dome is the greatest. The result is to add structural strength and solidity to the building. In today’s society, we can use some of the most well known influences and values without realizing where it came from or where it began. I think that the influences from architecture, art, and even religion. The influences of the middle age...

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