Contributions of Diversity to the Workplace

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Contributions of Diversity to the Workplace
Diverse employees bring a wealth of creativity, insights, and skills to their jobs; it is up to employers to recognize, cultivate, and value these contributions (Walton, Sally, 1994). Diversity is about setting a mindset of valuing the differences in people and recognizing the similarities, it is not only about achieving results. Once this way of thinking is established, the benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace tend to come naturally, (Goessl, Leigh 2008). Diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background and more, (Greenberg, Josh 2004) With today's business environment moving towards a global platform, organizations made up of a diverse group of individuals are growing at a rapid rate. Establishing diversity initiatives in an organization is of great value, and organizations which embrace diversity show many levels of success and growth. A diversified working environment is learning to develop effective working relationships with numerous individuals from varied backgrounds. We are a multi cultural society and failing to give credibility and respect to the many diversified individuals in any organization limits the productivity of that organization. Diversity in an organization shows respect and gives value to the unique differences and also the similarities of individuals. It recognizes that every individual has qualities that they bring to the table. Their values and diversified knowledge creates a truly diversified environment, (Noe, P. D. 2009).

There are many good reasons to establish solid diversity initiatives in the workplace. When the company has a diverse cultural group of employees, it should recognize and celebrate the differences which exist in different backgrounds. It is important to realize the value of all people and what worthy contributions each individual can bring to the workplace. In addition to these humanistic values, there are also some tangible business reasons for managing diversity. Actively pursuing to achieve diversity in the workplace can directly impact productivity and profitability. When a company invests in diversity it can create a larger pool of talent which can provide itself with a competitive edge in the industry, (Goessl, Leigh 2008). When an organization fails to give value to diversity and incorporate it into the culture of the organization, the organization will struggle in today's working environment. If an organization fails to accept and practice diversity it will not succeed in this very global world and will limit any success they might have accomplished, (Noe, P. D. 2009). Many organizational studies have come to conclude that promoting diversity lowers absenteeism rates, can lower employee turnover costs and decrease liability in discrimination lawsuits (Robinson and Dechant, 1997). All of these issues which plague a company are costly, but by taking the time and resources to invest in diversity initiatives, the company can alleviate many of these problems. Ultimately it equates to cost savings in the bottom line, which is a very solid business argument for promoting diversity, (Goessl, Leigh 2008). Global relationships are another aspect to consider. When the organization is engaging in business on the international level, it will encounter different philosophies and approaches to doing business, (Goessl, Leigh 2008). When the company has a diverse group of employees, it can better reach out on a worldwide level because it will receive a better understanding of how other cultures do business, and this is a vital component when doing business in today's global marketplace. Since diversity is about recognizing similarities and celebrating differences in people, companies that are compelled to expand diversity initiatives are finding they naturally experience the advantages of cultural diversity in the workplace setting,...

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