Contributions of Chinese Civilization to the Modern World

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Contributions of Chinese Civilization to The Modern World

The ancient Chinese civilization had a great impact in the modern world. They invented many things that are still in use today. There are very important contributions like paper, tea, process of printing, the water clock, the sundial, the chain pump and medicines based on herb and minerals. The greatest Chinese invention is the development of iron and steel. The development of iron and steel led to other advances. In the 4th century the Chinese had developed blast furnaces to obtain cast iron from iron ore. The Chinese had access to large amounts of clay; clay was the most important ingredient in making blast furnaces. The Chinese also figured out that by adding a substance they called "Black Earth," they could lower the melting point of iron. Today iron and steel are used in many things from clocks to buildings. One of the most important Chinese contributions to the modern world is paper. It was invented near the 2nd century B.C. some say about 150 B.C. and it was used for clothing and military body armor. It's hard to believe that it was used for clothing, but the paper they made was thicker and it had tougher paper fibers. Paper caused significant cultural changes worldwide, allowing cheaper exchange of information in the form of letters, newspapers and books for the first time. In 1844, 2 inventors had invented the machine and process for pulping wood for the use in paper making. In conclusion, I believe that the modern world is in debt to China. I have given some examples of Chinese innovations that are still in use today. The greatest area of Chinese inventions is in agriculture. They did improve the way of farming, but they did not only discover the seed drill, they also discovered the row farming that is still used today in our modern world
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