Contributions made to the United States from women, Native Americans, and African Americans prior to the civil war

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, American Civil War Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Prior to the civil war a variety of individuals such as women, Native Americans, and African Americans provided a number of contributions that benefitted the country. The women raised children, did all of the household chores, and even served in the military. The Native Americans provided colonists with their new knowledge of agriculture, and the African Americans provided labor to most farmers.

Women contributed a great deal to this country. During the time before the civil war women were providing more for this country than they ever have in the past. While still performing the difficult tasks of raising children and doing household chores, women began to take on more roles that were usually left for the men. They ran inns, taverns, shipbuilding companies, imported and exported goods and even owned businesses. Women contributed during the American Revolution by helping either providing healthcare or actually serving in the army. Many women fought in the war themselves, although some had to pretend to be men to do so. Women had a great impact in the outcome of that war.

Another set of individuals who helped contribute to America was the Native Americans. Upon the arrival of the first colonists the Natives began teaching them the basics of agriculture and survival. They taught them how to grow several different types of crops as well as how to fish, hunt and forge for other food. Additionally, some of the natives even helped protect the colonists from other not so friendly natives. Without the Natives the colonists may not have survived long enough to build the nation that they did.

African Americans also contributed a lot to the country. African Americans were the main source of labor throughout the United States before the civil war. Most farmers relied solely on their slaves to plant, grow, and harvest their crops. With the use of slaves, farmers were able to plant more crops and harvest them faster. By having servants to help do household...
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