Contribution of the Rmg Sector to the Bangladesh Economy

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Contribution of the RMG Sector to the Bangladesh Economy

Debapriya Bhattacharya Mustafizur Rahman Ananya Raihan

Centre for Policy Dialogue
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The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), established in 1993, is a civil society initiative to promote an ongoing dialogue between the principal partners in the decision-making and implementing process. The dialogues are designed to address important policy issues and to seek constructive solutions to these problems. The Centre has already organised a series of such dialogues at local, regional and national levels. The CPD has also organised a number of South Asian bilateral and regional dialogues as well as some international dialogues. These dialogues have brought together ministers, opposition frontbenchers, MPs, business leaders, NGOs, donors, professionals and other functional groups in civil society within a non-confrontational environment to promote focused discussions. The CPD seeks to create a national policy consciousness where members of civil society will be made aware of critical policy issues affecting their lives and will come together in support of particular policy agendas which they feel are conducive to the well being of the country. In support of the dialogue process the Centre is engaged in research programmes which are both serviced by and are intended to serve as inputs for particular dialogues organised by the Centre throughout the year. Some of the major research programmes of the CPD include The Independent Review of Bangladesh's Development (IRBD), Trade Related Research and Policy Development (TRRPD), Governance and Policy Reforms, Regional Cooperation and Integration, Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Ecosystems, Environmental Studies and Social Sectors and Youth Development Programme. The CPD also conducts periodic public perception surveys on policy issues and issues of developmental concerns. Dissemination of information and knowledge on critical developmental issues continues to remain an important component of CPD’s activities. Pursuant to this CPD maintains an active publication programme, both in Bangla and in English. As part of its dissemination programme, CPD has decided to bring out CPD Occasional Paper Series on a regular basis. Dialogue background papers, investigative reports and results of perception surveys which relate to issues of high public interest will be published under its cover. The Occasional Paper Series will also include draft research papers and reports, which may be subsequently published by the CPD. The present paper, Contribution of the RMG Sector to the Bangladesh Economy, has been prepared as part of CPD’s on-going Trade Policy Analysis programme. Assistant Editor: Anisatul Fatema Yousuf, Head (Dialogue & Communication), CPD Series Editor: Debapriya Bhattacharya, Executive Director, CPD

CPD Occasional Paper Series 50

This report on Contribution of the RMG Sector to the Bangladesh Economy was prepared at CPD under the overall guidance of Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya, Executive Director, CPD and Professor Mustafizur Rahman, Research Director, CPD by a team which included Dr. Ananya Raihan, Research Fellow, CPD as lead researcher. The team was supported by Ms. Nawrin Samrina and Mr. M.J.H Jabed, both Research Associates at CPD. The study was prepared at the request of the BGMEA.

CPD would like to put on record the sincere cooperation received from Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed, President, BGMEA, Directors of BGMEA, BGMEA Officials and the RMG entrepreneurs who have shared their business information with the CPD study team.

Contribution of the RMG Sector to the Bangladesh Economy

CPD Occasional Paper Series 50


References: CPD Occasional Paper Series 50
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