Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Target market Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Chapter 3

Target Marketing


Product Positioning

Satisfies different people with its variety of flavors

Since Cornetto has a wide variety of flavors it would be able to satisfy the different taste of the different customers of it.

Value Proposition

Today’s generations of customers are of a new batch. Expectations have gone higher than before. Things that aren’t appealing won’t be that marketable anymore. Customers now are expecting that the product that they are going to buy is appealing to their eyes and would satisfy their wants. A customer’s wants for an ice cream product is the variety of flavors of it, so that they would be able to choose and try different flavors. Cornetto have met these expectations in the form of their advertisements. Advertisements like the Tugs, Tugs and what are you going to do with your twenty pesos. These advertisements have strongly appealed to teenagers. Cornetto have also met the second expectation of the customers for a wide variety of flavors, for Cornetto have offered a wide variety of flavors to its customers for them to have an ice cream product where they could chose different flavors.

Chapter 4

Marketing fundamentals serves as an important tool for testing the company’s feasibility and marketability of selected product. First of all by using the situational analysis many factors could have been already identified in order to serve as a basis for testing the company’s feasibility. For an example, if you use the SWOT analysis, you will already be able to identify the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT analysis could also be used to analyze a company’s specific product. The 6 P’s of Marketing could served as a basis for measuring the products marketability, wherein the advertisements could be used to know whether the marketability is going to be successful or not and...
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