Contrasts in Sports

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Contrasts in Sports

Sports are a very big part of everyday life for many people. There are advantages and disadvantages to all sports, more advantages in some than others. The game of Soccer has many more advantages over the game of Field Hockey, which undoubtedly makes it the better sport of the two. Soccer is a sport that consists of 90 minutes of hard play while field hockey is 70 minutes of stop and go due to the whistle being blown so often.

Soccer does not stop as often as other sports. There are no time-outs and the refs usually are not blowing the whistle every thirty seconds. The uniform worn for soccer is a short-sleeved jersey, shorts, and shin guards with high socks over and pair of cleats. This uniform is worn by both men and women and tends to be very comfortable to play in. The object of a soccer game is to get the ball in the opponent's goal. The rules are very basic and not very restrictive at all. There are no rules naming a height that the ball cannot reach above, the ball can hit and part of your body except your hands and you can score from anywhere on the field. Men and woman who play soccer professionally all around the world tend to be famous and well known. Almost all Americans know at least some of the people on the Women's National Team that took home the gold medal in the World Cup in 2000 and mostly everyone has heard of David Beckham, the professional English male player. Soccer is a sport that is known, loved and admired all over the world.

Field Hockey is a very old English sport. It is played with a stick and a small, hollow tennis sized ball. The uniform consists of the jersey, usually a kilt, over-sized shin guards and usually football or baseball cleats depending on which the person prefers. The object of the game is to dribble the ball up the field with only the flat edge of the stick, which happens to be on the inside. This calls for you to flip the stick back and forth while running up the field. You...
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