Contrasting Perspectives on the Treatment of Fears

Topics: Fear, Phobia, Sigmund Freud Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Emily Darby
Psychology 102
September 24, 2012

Contrasting Perspectives on the Treatment of Fears:

1. Psychologists consider a phobia to be an irrational fear, meaning it is a fear reaction that is out of proportion to the reality of the danger. This differentiates itself from a normal fear reaction because the apprehension felt towards something alarming is to a real danger.

2. According to the Freudian concept of psychoanalysis, phobias are believed to originate from childhood traumas. This perspective also supports the idea that phobias may be replacing other hidden fear or anger that the individual is reluctant to face. Fortunately, these anxieties can be treated. Such techniques in which to do so include those from the perspective of Freudian or psychoanalytic theorists. Ways that psychoanalyst’s attempted to aid sufferers of phobias included in the following. Firstly, they would help an individual to gain awareness into unconscious feelings. Consequently this would release the hidden emotion, therefore ridding them of their irrational fear in the process. Although, techniques such as this were proven unsuccessful in freeing individuals of phobias. It was discovered that even when the primary unconscious causes were found, the phobia still continued to trigger anxiety.

3. Of the five psychological viewpoints this psychoanalytic approach is consistent with that of the psychodynamic perspective. This perspective, as well as the psychoanalytic approach, argues that our behavior is a result of the unconscious mind and childhood experiences.

4. Another method of treatment Joseph Wolpe has refined since it was first suggested is, the systematic desensitization behavioral technique. This behavioral tactic is considerably different from the psychoanalytic view. This is because it is not focused on the unconscious causes of the problem or on the inhibited troubles. Instead, it concentrated on the idea that since you have learned this...
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