Contrast Paper

Topics: The Yellow Wallpaper, Difference, Similarity Pages: 3 (1141 words) Published: February 13, 2012
Compare and Contrast Paper
The Yellow wallpaper and A Doll’s house

In class we discussed various stories that linked themselves in different perspectives. Some were related through plot and setting and others through characters and themes. Yet the same way that they were related, they also conflicted with each other. Just like the stories The Yellow Wallpaper and A Doll’s house. In both of these stories they show very similar characters that share the same idea and concept. The setting also contributes to the similarities that these stories share. Yet at the same time, they also differ in certain aspects of particular characters and setting.

As mentioned before both of these stories have peculiar characters that are similar to each other. For instance Nora from A Doll’s house can be compared to the female character in The Yellow Wallpaper. Both of these females are limited to the power they have over themselves, they are both held over by their husband’s dictations. In A doll’s house we see the control that Nora’s husband has over her by the way he constantly calls her pet names such as “little squirrel” and “little bird”, names that already show the control over her as if she was an animal Not only does he treat her like a pet, he also controls her actions and even what she eats, for example Torvald says “My sweet tooth really didn’t make a little detour through the confectioner’s? (pg, 611) Here we see how he has become the ultimate dictator in her life and she has no control of what she even desires to eat. Torvald continues to push and handle Nora to the highest point, where she finally decides to leave him and her children behind. These same circumstances occur in A yellow wallpaper but in a different manner. Here the narrator’s husband, John, has taken control over her health. The narrator had suffered from post pardon depression and she believes that her treatment towards getting better is writing. But her husband John believes otherwise. He...
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