Contrast Essay

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Contrast Essay

How has education changed since the 1900s? It depends on how you look at this question. If you consider education meaning children having the opportunity to learn and plan for their future as education, then no, it has not changed much, but if you consider the changes in the styles of teaching for a child's education, then yes, it has changed. For example, attending school was not mandatory. Now, all students must attend school. The two main contrasts between the early 1900s classroom and the modern classrooms are methods of punishment and technology used. First, the methods of punishment used in the 1900s were significantly different than they are in today’s time. When students got out of line (were not doing their work, were distracting the class, passing notes, whispering, being disrespectful, etc.), a teacher would punish them as she saw fit. Some teacher’s preferred the “hickory stick” and gave the disobedient student a swift spanking. Sometimes the teacher used a ruler to rap the child on the knuckles or spank them. Other times the teacher made the child wear a Dunce Cap: A tall, conical hat worn, stand in the corner facing the wall, hold a heavy book, or stand on one leg for as long as she felt was necessary. Many parents did not complain that their children were punished. They were usually angry with their children for misbehaving, not at the teacher for punishing. The parents looked at it as the teachers were helping keep their children in line, and that the teachers had the right to discipline as they saw fit. Basically, parents thought highly of teachers and respected their decisions for punishment. Second, technology in the 1900s was vastly different than it is in today’s world. The radio was introduced to schools in New York City, in1923. Soon after, school districts in other major cities established radio instruction on subjects such as penmanship, accounting, arithmetic, and history. Slates and slate pencils were also very...
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