Contrast Comparision, the Young King a Christmas Carol

Topics: Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: November 30, 2008
Lalita Kittisrikangwan [Lita]
M.2/3 #22 Mr. Richard Theze

In What Ways Are The Young King and A Christmas Carol Alike?
This essay is based on the world-wide classic dream fables, A Christmas Carol and the Young King. What’s written here is a discussion of the similarities of the behaviors and faults of the characters, the setting, the timing of the stories and certainly the three dreams. The young king dreamt that slaves worked hard and even died finding him, jewels. For Scrooge, he was visited by three ghosts, the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. Which, then the central characters had reformed and changed to be a better person.

The Young King and Ebenezer Scrooge both have many similarities “the young king thought about the beautiful clothes for his special day, a good coat and jeweled crown.” This shows that he loves fine jewels. But at first he didn’t even know that there were people working so hard just for him. And this is his fault, he doesn’t even know the people exists and he’s about to rule a country? He needs to grow up and start taking responsibilities as king. On the other hand “Ebenezer Scrooge sat down at his counting house, counting his money on Christmas Eve”. This shows that he loved his money so much he even had to count them on Christmas Eve! But Scrooge is even worse, he knew of the consequences and what’s happening to the world and the poor and what he did was ignore them. They both share the same love and greed for great things. But one who knows and one who doesn’t. The timing for both stories happens when the next day would be an important day. For the young king is “his special day”, the coronation day. For Scrooge “the next morning was Christmas day” In the end of both stories, they reform to be a better person. Scrooge, “he gave money to the poor so they could celebrate Christmas-” He realizes by giving and sharing to others, he too is happy and that is his reward, the...
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