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Name: ___________________________________ Period: __________ Date: _____________



Before students plan and write essays, they must understand the tasks that the prompts ask them to perform. This begins with understanding the words that prompts use.

Compare and Contrast prompts ask students to either compare and/or contrast. It is critical that students understand the difference so that they perform the correct tasks. The prompts may ask students to compare OR to contrast or to compare AND to contrast

Using a dictionary, define these words. Include any close synonyms.



Answer the questions and be prepared to discuss your answers.

1. If a prompt asks a student to compare, what must he or she do in the essay?

2. If a prompt asks a student to contrast, what must he or she do in the essay?

3. Predict what will happen on the grade of the essay if a student is asked to contrast but compares OR if a student is asked to compare and only does differences?

Name: ___________________________________ Period: __________ Date: _____________


Compare and contrast essays begin with a prompt. The prompt will specify the actions a student is required to perform. It will also specify a definite chronological period from World History and provide two to three geographical or cultural regions from which a student may choose. All compare and contrast essays will follow this format. It will also designate a specific historical theme used within the AP World History course guide.

In their essays, student must address all parts of the prompt. This means that in the course of the essay, a student has to have a comparison, a contrast, mention both regions/countries, and the time period. If the prompt specifies themes to discuss, then students will also have to discuss each of the themes at least once. There is a higher and lower standard on the rubric.

Use the following Compare and Contrast essay prompt to assist with these exercises.

PART A: UNDERSTANDING THE PARTS OF A COMPARE & CONTRAST PROMPT Answer the questions in the provided space.

1. What action verbs are used in the specific prompt?

2. What synonyms for these verbs could you use to accomplish the same action?

PART B: The Time Period
Compare and Contrast Essays for AP World History will specify a time period. Students are expected to not only recognize the time periods, which are based on the chronological perimeters of the AP World History Course Guide but major developments within each period.

a. What time period does the prompt specify?

b. Summarize any developments during this time period that you can remember. If you cannot remember, use your text or the College Board subject guide and summarize major developments which you might need to know. PART C: themes

Prompts will also identify one or more of the FIVE overarching themes used in the AP World History course guide (see page 5 of the 2007-2008 Guide). Two acronyms or pneumonic devices (SCRIPTED or PERSIAN) help students remember these themes – you need to teach one or the other, or both. The prompt may specify one only theme or it may specify two or three. If the prompt specifies a theme, a student must address that in his or her essay. However, if the prompt only identifies one or two themes it is always best for the student to divide the theme into some of its parts or sub-themes related to the prompt.

|SCRIPTED |PERSIAN | |SOCIAL STRUCTURES |POLITICAL | |Economic, Social Classes |Political Structures...
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