Contradictions In Macbeth

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“Double, double, toil, and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble”, serves as one of the most popular lines the witches chant in the play Macbeth. These lines give a warning that the witches’ speech is always full of many different meanings and contradictions. Throughout the play the weird sisters make predictions to be used to make Macbeth think that he will become king. When Macbeth hears their many predictions, he does not know that they only use their words for evil instead of good. The witches’ predictions about him becoming king, lead Macbeth to go above and beyond to make sure that their prediction is certain to become true. When Macbeth is actually crowned king, he continues to go and listen to the rest of the witches’ predictions so that he can hear what else might be in store for him. Words have the power to cause destruction even when they are first used to build a person up, just as the weird sisters did Macbeth.
When it comes to witches, they have always been seen as...

They are seen as supernatural and as mortals (Brinzeu 256). Their natural life had become full of debates between readers of the play who have argued whether or not they are actually eligible to be considered ordinary women in the eyes of the people (Brinzeu 256). The witches’ language, chants, and the spells that they use place a big impact on the way they are seen. Women in our society today, are much different on how the way they act compared to how the witches act in Macbeth. Women today are not seen as old hags with rude and nasty language, they are seen as beautiful human beings that make a great impact on life today. A role of a woman is to bring kindness and peace to people that aids in bringing others up. The weird sister’s goal is far from focusing on lifting others up in the play. Their goal is to always bring trouble to the other characters so that they can see others fail and go through hard...
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