Continuum Of Inpatient Care
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Continuum of Inpatient Care
Kathleen Powers
February 9, 2015
Paul Dereadt

The Inpatient Continuum of Care
• Since the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in
2010, there has been a great amount of efforts by healthcare providers to manage what is often referred to as the "continuum of care" for patients. Physicians and health systems are participating in a number of different structures and agreements that aim to achieve the same things, to manage care for patients in all care settings at all different points of life (Dunn, 2013).

Inpatient Care
• When a patient is in need of extensive medical care that requires hospitalization and observation by a physician.
• Typically a patient will be admitted under a doctors order to a hospital or medical facility.
• Patients who are admitted for inpatient care will usually stay in the acute hospital setting for a minimum of one night

Types of Inpatient Care
• Medical inpatient facilities such as an acute care hospital or medical center • Rehabilitation Centers
• Psychiatric Hospitals
• Addiction Treatment Centers
• Nursing Homes

Medical Acute Care Hospital
• Emergency Medical Care
• Intensive/Critical Care
• Medical Surgical Care
• Cardiac Services
• Cancer Care
• Orthopedics
• Pediatrics
• Obstetrics

Who are the Stakeholders in
Inpatient Care?
• Any persons or group that have a vested interest in a clinical decision and the evidence that supports that decision.
• Patients
• Caregivers/Family members
• Employees
• Clinicians
• Researchers
• Advocacy groups

What are the Roles and Interests of the Stakeholders?
• Ensures highest quality of care possible
• Oversees financial and cost effectiveness of the organization
• Responsible for day to day operations of facility
• Advocate and implement positive changes and enhance operations
• Proactive in the care of themselves or the care of their loved ones by being involved in every aspect of their plan of care

Levels of Inpatient

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