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Vietnam nonprofit aims to bring the entire country through a Kaizen transformation

Vietnam businesses must go through a Kaizen transformation.

Like much of Asia, Vietnam has spent the greater part of the last century trying to rebuild and grow after winning independence from France and then reuniting after the Cold War split. While the economic recession impacted much of the world, Asia has shown much more resilience when it comes to recovering from the downturn. Now, Vietnam is trying to capitalize on the resurging economy to become an economic and social pillar in the region.

However, resources in the country are still scarce, which makes growth a challenging prospect. Agile Vietnam, a self-organized nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of economic development in the country, believes a Kaizen transformation will be a necessity to establishing the country as a global player. Using Japan as a model for what can be accomplished, Agile Vietnam asserts that Lean manufacturing practices can help businesses bring greater value to customers while reducing overall costs.

"Through the years, Lean and Kaizen has helped corporate Japan to enhance its business process improvement strategy and operational productivity," writes Alex Rosales, an organizing committee member for the nonprofit, writes for Agile Vietnam's blog. "Today, thousands of companies around the world have used Kaizen for greater productivity, speed, quality and profits with minimum effort and time and cost, achieving extraordinary results. There is a lot we can learn from Japan and apply that knowledge in Vietnam."

Utilizing Kaizen events to drive meaningful change
Agile Vietnam strongly believes that Lean and Kaizen mindsets and practices can be utilized to improve individual companies and the country as a whole. However, the organization asserts that businesses need to adopt a Lean mindset and create Kaizen cultures. To improve Vietnam in its entirety, organizations in the country...
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