Continuity of Christianity

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Anne Kellerman
Mr. Barrios
World History AP- 6hr
March 28, 2013
As the saying goes, History repeats itself, which is true about the course of Christianity from 100 CE to 1750 CE. The constant splitting of the Eastern and Western Christian churches, the expanding of the Christian church, and the fight against Islam are all constants throughout the history of the Christian faith. However the Western Christian Church further splits into both Protestant and Catholic beliefs, conversions of the Christian Church around the world was for different reasons, and the number of converts fluctuates.

From 100 CE to 1750 CE the Christian Church constantly repeats history, further transforming itself, into a powerful religion. The split of the Eastern and Western Europe begins in Rome around 400 CE. Around 600 years later the Great Schism takes place, which permanently splits the Eastern and Western parts of Europe into Eastern Orthodox and the West to Roman Catholic. One of the final acts of the Great Schism is the fourth Crusade, which was an attack on the Eastern Orthodox Church, also known as the Byzantine Empire, by the crusaders of the Roman Catholic Church. Even though there was a splitting between the two Churches, the goal of expansion remained a common thread in Christianity. The spreading of Christianity was so diverse. Spanish and Portuguese spread to places like the Americas and Africa. Christianity also spread to places in Asia through the Silk Road and through the crusades. Although Christianity spread, the Islamic faith started to spread as well. The fight to keep Christian land remained a constant issue throughout this time period. It begins with the Turkic invaders, bribing Christian to become Islam, or else they would have to pay the jizya. The next reoccurrence of the Islamic religion trying to take over is towards the end of the Byzantine Empire. The Europeans are given the role of Janissaries for the Ottoman Empire. They go on mission trips to...
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