Continuing Academic Success 5

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Continuing Academic Success
You must want success and be committed to striving for it because you are in charge of your own success. In order to become successful you have to want success and continuously strive for it. This exhibits motivation and motivation is the most important key to success. It is the inner power that pushes you toward taking action and achievement and it is driven by ambition and desire. A student must possess motivation in order to succeed. Without motivation a student will have difficulty or may not even be able to follow through with the assignments and tasks. (It is essential that the student embrace a sense of intrinsic motivation to fully obtain academic achievement.)(Whittington, 2015) Intrinsic motivation comes from within, meaning that an individual is excited and driven by internal rewards. (Motivation does not always lead to creating a cash incentive; however, it does lead to providing a path that allows individuals to distinctively express themselves and feel a sense of accomplishment and value.) (Petty, 2014) Simply put, when a student is motivated intrinsically they will work on a problem or towards a goal because it provides them a sense of pleasure or fulfillment. Motivation becomes even stronger when you have a clear goal in mind to work towards. This gives you the desire and direction you need to turn your vision into a reality. My educational goals are to enter each course with a positive attitude, give one hundred percent on all my assignments, work hard, study hard and complete my program with a high GPA so that I can reach my career goal of someday becoming the Chief Executive Officer of a hospital. Setting goals are important to me because I know the importance of having a plan, aspirations and knowing where you want to go. With goals set, you know what you are working towards and understand the significance and fulfillment that your achievements will bring.

Once a student is sufficiently motivated with their...

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