Contingent Workers

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1.How to have the contingent workers available when needed? Solution: Since the contingent workers work to help core employees of a company to finish their work on a temporary basis, hence they are considered as independent workers. To ensure their availability the employer might follow the following, •If employers want to hire qualified contingent workers on time, then the employers need to make sure that they are offering a very good compensation to the workers. Because the contingent workers would be attracted to better offers, since they are not obliged to any company until and unless they are already in a contract. •Since the contingent workers do not get facilities like core employees, then to make them interested the employers might to show them better incentives, i.e. providing separate work stations; paying taxes on the behalf of contingent workers; transportation, health care, phone bills, allowances etc. facilities like core employees; paying bonuses or extra commissions and more. •Give them work that taps their experience. Otherwise they won’t enjoy their work. •If they’ve done a great job, tell them. If their work needs improvement, offer constructive feedback. Because the employers might need them available for some future works and the constructive criticisms might motivate them to work for the employer in future. •Keep them posted about upcoming vacancies and projects.

2.How to motivate the low paid and less benefitted contingent workers? Solution: The first motivation for these workers will be a raise in their payment. But if the employers are unable to pay more or they intend to motivate them in other ways, then from my point of view the employers should •Let the workers work independently, give them more space and not boss around other than checking on the reports. •Everyone loves appreciation and recognition. So, a little appreciation and verbal recognition or certificate of recognition or letter of appreciation will boost...
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