Context and Theory of Knowledge

Topics: Scientific method, Mathematics, Knowledge Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: March 9, 2010
Context doesn’t always have to be truthful. It depends on what position the context is observed in. If context is supplemented with society, truth matters. If it is a personal observation, in most cases the truth will get you out of trouble. One area of knowledge that can be controversial and doesn’t have to be truthful is art. One area that involves consideration and can be involved controversially is science. This is one of the most factual that can be errored very easily.

Within art, there are many contentious topics that make a stair step to society. For example, the Shrewd of Turin is viewed in many ways based on the Christian beliefs. Even though this important part of history is talked about and is encased by the Catholic Church, there have been many scientists that have argued that it’s either made by a print or carbon dating to provide a sufficient solution to whether it’s true or a fallacy. The Da Vinci code is also significance towards whether it is a woman and all the clues hidden behind them or perhaps just Leonardo himself proposed as a woman. In the sense of subjective art this cannot be objective and cannot be gained by any knowledge. When context is thrown into this category it will not have anything to do with the artistic views because the drawings are made upon other’s experiences and perceptions. I may perceive that the shrewd of Turin is just an old man but others may take into consideration that this is evidence that Jesus was engraved upon the cloth. Arguments proposed by art can come from similar cultures and they can be examined by a piece of art but have so many different interpretations. When art is secluded upon knowledge this starts to question what is knowledge. Artwork contains knowledge that only a person with the mentality of their specific culture understands can perceive. When you grab the artwork it can then be knowledgeable because of what you pertain based on your understandings and surroundings. Throughout many time...
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