Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Success Pages: 1 (516 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Gabby DiSalvi
Mrs. Liverio
Period 2
Many people are strongly devoted to their career, and their ultimate success at work, but they need to know where to draw the line between work and personal life. People strive for greatness and sometimes lose track of what is really important which may cause more harm than good. Due to this, people’s overall happiness is lowered as they may lose some contact with their spouse, friends, or family. In the short story Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket by Jack Finney, the main character Tom learns for himself that sometimes your desire to be successful can cause more harm than good. The project Tom was working on for his job was not necessary, it was just something he was doing on the side, but he was so determined to complete it that he turned down a night out with his wife and almost killed himself. All that Tom would receive for his project was a raise that he did not desperately need, but his ambitions were enough to put him out onto the ledge when he lost his paper. What Tom did was spontaneous, but at first he did not see a problem with what he was doing. It was on the way back to his apartment that he realized what he was doing was insane. Tom risked his life, and not seeing his wife again for a piece of paper that in the long term did not mean much to him. If Tom had realized that going out on the ledge was not worth it before he did, he probably would have went out with his wife and had a good time, but his decisions lead to a terrifying night. Although Tom’s actions were quite irrational, many other people struggle with his idea of work being so important. In article two, “6 Signs You’re Sacrificing Too Much for Success” it is clearly stated where the line should be drawn to keep you happy but still successful. The six signs include sacrificing your family time for work, you’re constantly living in stress and anxiety, and you have no friends. All of these signs, and others, show you are too determined for...
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