Content of Formal Report

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Contents of formal reports

Major three parts of a report:

1. The Prefatory parts:

■ Title fly ( Title of the Report )

■ Title page (Title of the Report, Submitted to, Submitted by, Date of Submission)

■ Letter of transmittal(formal submission of the report by the writer )

■ Acknowledgements( admit the gratitude of some persons who helped to make the report successful)

■ Table of contents ( Page number should be shown from executive summary),

■ List of Tables + List of Figures/graphs + List of Appendices ( If any)

(Sample of the format has given bellow…………)

List of Tables

|Sl. |Title of the Table |Page No. | |1. | | | |2. | | |

List of Figures

|Sl. |Title of the Figures |Page No. | |1. | | | |2. | | |

List of Appendices

| |Title of the Appendices |Page No. | |Appendix-A | Raw Data/ Statistical tables | | |Appendix-B |Transcripts of Interviews' /Questionnaire | |

■ List of Abbreviation/ Acronym (In Alphabetical order)

■ Executive summary/ Abstract( complete but brief with one page summary- what you did? why& how? your findings and recommendation/ conclusion)

2. Main Body of the report/ Project:

1. Introduction

1.1: Origin of the Study ( briefly describes events leading up to the existing situation)

1.2: Objective of the study (defines what the project or study is to achieve)

1.3: Scope of the study (outlines any limitations imposed on the project either by the person(s) authorizing it or by the person(s) undertaking it, such as cost, time in which it is to be completed, depth of study, and factors which must be included or may be omitted)

1.4: Methodology of the study (sources and methods of collecting and processing of informations)

2. Company Overview ( if any)

3. Literature Review ( what projects/reports (if any) have been done previously, and why the current project or study is necessary)

4. The report/ project Findings and Analysis

5. Conclusion (This section summarizes the key findings of the report, as outlined in the Discussion. They show the present situation. The Conclusions should:

✓ Relate specifically to the report’s objectives(as set out in the Introduction)

✓ Identify the major issues

✓ Be arranged in order of importance

✓ Be specific, and succinct

✓ Be a list of numbered points)

6. Recommendation {This section outlines future actions. The Recommendations should:

✓ Be action orientated, and feasible

✓ Relate logically to the Conclusions( i.e. Conclusion should lead to Recommendation )

✓ Be arranged in order of importance...

References: 15
Appendix 16
The covering document should
✓ Establish your role (company name, contact details, etc)
✓ Identify the report topic
✓ Name the person who authorized the report, and the date of authorization.
✓ Indicate your willingness to provide further information.
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