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Analyzing the Value of
Content Marketing for

By Gergina Hristova · Namics AG

“Marketing isn’t going to go away.

Nor should it.
But it needs to evolve, rapidly and thoroughly,
for markets have become networked
and now know more than business,
learn faster than business, are more honest than
business, and are a hell of a lot
more fun than business.
The voices are back, and voice brings craft:
work by unique individuals motivated by
passion. What’s happening to the market is
precisely what should – and will – happen
to marketing. Marketing needs to become a craft.
Recall that craft-workers listen to the material they’re
forming, shaping the pot to the feel of the clay,
designing the house to fit with and even
reveal the landscape.
The stuff of marketing is the market itself.
Marketing can’t become a craft until it can hear the
new – the old – sound of its markets.
By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk.

Doc Searls and David Weinberger (2009) in
‘The Cluetrain Manifesto. The End of Business as Usual’


Executive Summary
1 – Introduction: Content Marketing – Digital Revival of an Old Concept 2 – Methods of Information Gathering and Analysis
3 – The Development of Marketing 
3.1 Content Marketing Definition
3.2 Social Media Definition
3.3 The Importance of Content Marketing for B2B
3.4 Goals and Hypothesis

4 – Background of the Research Interest
5 – Presentation of Findings on B2B and Content Marketing

5.1 Understanding the Major Characteristics of B2B and B2B Marketing 5.2 B2B Communications and the Promotional Mix
5.3 Content Marketing: Just Hype?
5.4 Content Marketing in the B2B Sector: Examples
5.4.1 Trivadis: Content Marketing for High Turnover Increase 5.4.2 Accenture: Content Marketing as Thought Leadership for Better Customer Outcomes 5.4.3 Indium: Content Marketing for Customer Contacts Take-Off 5.4.4 Distribion: Content Marketing for a Revenue Boost

5.5 Content Marketing and Its Fit in the Overall Marketing Strategy 5.6 Steps toward B2B Content
5.7 Content Marketing’s ROI
5.8 What About Social Media?

6 – The Importance of Content Marketing for Some Swiss Companies 7 – Conclusion
8 – Bibliography
About the Author – Gergina Hristova

Executive Summary


his work aims at identifying and analyzing the value of content marketing for business-to-business (B2B) companies. The limited available

evidence so far suggests that content marketing or corporate publishing – as it is sometimes called in Europe – is not only well established, but of considerable importance both in the United States and in the European German speaking countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria).

Assuming that marketing is being enriched with relationship marketing, mass customization allows organizations to produce for market segments of one. At the same time, new technology allows for new media giving the customers a voice. Empowered consumers actively seek and contribute information online before making purchase decisions. This presents a transformational challenge for many strategic marketers who need to go beyond utilizing the Internet as a tool toward its redefinition and transformation. Content marketing as the creation and sharing of content for marketing purposes presents itself as a means of dealing with consumers‘ new empowerment. Answering customers’ questions online and providing valuable content on companies’ websites, blogs and social network sites to meet their information needs can have a positive influence on customers’ purchase decision making process. In combination with social media, content marketing can help quality content reach and accordingly influence desired communities. B2B marketing as the creation and management of mutually beneficial relationships between organizational suppliers and organizational customers can profit from content marketing in that content can...
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