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Content Marketing MetriCs

A Field Guide to the Four Types of

Too often, content marketers tell themselves that they can’t accurately measure their results, or a tactic isn’t measurable, or that they don’t feel comfortable measuring content. These are defeatist statements, hanging over your content marketing like a dark cloud. If you find yourself falling into this camp, don’t fret: You still have time to get on the right track. This eBook will cover the four types of metrics that help marketers like you understand how your content impacts your business. We’ll take a look at the crucial metrics within each of these categories and show you how to use them to achieve your business goals.

ConsUMPtion MetriCs

sHaring MetriCs

LeaD generation MetriCs

saLes MetriCs


MYtH: Content marketers are in the publishing business. trUtH: Content marketers and publishers have very different goals. As content marketers, we tend to think of ourselves as publishers. But there’s one significant difference to keep in mind — the end goal is action, not eyeballs. Measuring page views is only a place to begin. It’s time to dig deeper and get more from your content marketing. What we must learn to understand is that content helps achieve business objectives, not content objectives. Creating valuable content is the means, not the end.


ConsUMPtion MetriCs
Just starting to set foot in the lush gardens of content marketing measurements? Consumption metrics are the place to start. Typically the easiest measurements to set up and understand, they answer the question:

How many people viewed, downloaded or listened to this piece of content? In addition to affecting other metric categories, consumption metrics help you measure brand awareness and website traffic. Some of the more prominent consumption metrics include: Page views: These are easy to measure using Google Analytics or a similar web analytics program. Video views: YouTube Insights and similar data work best here. Document views: SlideShare and Scribd both simplify your access to this data. Downloads: When un-gated, measure downloads through your CRM platform or Google Analytics and other web analytics software.  Social chatter: Services like, Radian6, Sysomos, and Viralheat are all viable options for measuring chatter.     This is the phase of measurement where some content marketers quit and let nature settle the rest. But don’t stop here — you’ve only just begun.


ConsUMPtion MetriCs
When answers spawn Questions
The consumption metrics you collect should raise a number of questions, like:

Do people consuming this content engage in other, more desirable behaviors on my site? Do they do so at a ratio different from site visitors overall? Do people consuming this content come back for more? Do they do so at a ratio different from site visitors overall? Consumption metrics aren’t everything, but they are important. To find the social impact of content consumption, let’s turn our attention to sharing metrics.


sHaring MetriCs
Of all the places your content could reside, your site may have the least amount of traffic. Fortunately, the web has bred a culture of sharing, and this is totally measurable (if you look at the right metrics). Sharing metrics answer the question:

How resonant is this content, and how often is it shared with others? Measuring how your content is shared impacts two significant content goals: brand awareness and engagement. Your sharing metrics may include:  Likes, shares, tweets, +1s, and pins: Sharing tools typically keep track of these, with Google Analytics (and similar web analytics programs) offering additional insights.  Forwards: Your email provider and Google Analytics can help you track email forwards.  Inbound links: Tools like your blogging software OpenSiteExplorer, RavenTools, and MajesticSEO simplify how you measure these. Measuring sharing metrics is important for every...
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