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MARCH 2012
Instructions to candidates: (please read carefully):
To complete this assignment effectively you should select an organisation that you are familiar with, either in your own country or another elsewhere. It can be any type of organisation but should be one where you have excellent access to information on it either from published secondary data sources or from links that you might have with it. Make sure you are able to gather data in the key strategic areas of your chosen organisation in order that you have sufficient to hand to tackle the set task effectively.

You are required to produce a formal strategic report, based on your chosen case study, in no more than 4,000 words excluding diagrams, as per the task below. It will be expected that contemporary strategic management theory will underpin the report in places and where relevant.

However, you do not need to reproduce this theory straight from a text (as you should assume that the examiner is knowledgeable about it) but instead should apply it directly to your chosen organisation.

The report should be analytical rather than descriptive. DESCRIPTIVE T YPE REPORTS GAIN FEW OR NO MARKS!
You are to assume the role of senior management and prepare a strategic management REPORT in order to assist with developing the strategic future of your chosen organisation.
The report should be in TWO sections and not more than 4,000 words in total.
continued overleaf

SECTION ONE (Word guide 2,500 and 50% unit weighting) should cover a strategic analysis of your chosen organisation’s current situation where a number of strategic frameworks familiar to the unit might be utilised and applied to the organisation. You should discuss what the frameworks are suggesting about the current situation, performance and ability of your chosen organisation. Conclude this section having...
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