Contemporary Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Psychology, Motivation, Organization Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Interdisciplinary Approach
Organizational behaviour is basically an interdisciplinary approach. It draws heavily from other disciplines like psychology, sociology and anthropology. Besides, it also takes relevant things from economics, political science, law and history. Organizational behaviour integrates the relevant contents of these disciplines to make them applicable for organizational analysis. e.g. it addresses issues, which may be relevant to the case, such as the following: •What facilitates accurate perception and attribution?

What influences individual, group and organizational learning and the development of individual attitudes toward .work? •How do individual differences in personality, personal development, and career development affect individual's behaviours and attitudes? •What motivates people to work, and how. does the organizational reward system influence worker's behaviour and attitudes? •How do managers build effective teams?

What contributes to effective decision-making?
What are the constituents of effective communication?
What are the characteristics of effective communication? •How can power be secured and used productively?
What factors contribute to effective negotiations?
How can conflict (between groups or between a manager and subordinates) be resolved or managed? •How can jobs and organizations be effectively designed?
How can managers help workers deal effectively with change?

An Applied Science
The basic objective of organizational behaviour is to make application of various researches to solve the organizational problems, particularly related to the human behavioral aspect.

Normative and Value Centered
Organizational behaviour is a normative science. A normative science prescribes how the various findings of researches can be applied to get organizational results, which are acceptable to the society. Thus, what is acceptable by the society or individuals engaged in an organization is a...
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