Contemporary Issues In Western Religions

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World Religious Traditions II
October 30,
Contemporary Issues In Western Religions
Struggles within Christianity
Due to all the changes going on in today’s society, conflict within the Christian church has changed as oppose to the conflicts that were faced about 25 years ago. I feel as though we’re coming to an age where many liberal christians want to worship, but follow their own beliefs as well, and that’s something that a lot of conservative Christians disagree on. Issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, preserving the Founder’s cherish separation of church and state, amongst other issues as well. It’s these liberal beliefs that threaten the moral fiber and ideal belief structure of Christianity and the derivatives from the Holy Bible. The Bible can play toward many different views, like from a conservative’s aspect one could argue that though it never specifically says in the Bible anything against homosexuality, it is implied that it maybe one of the reasons God brought his wrath upon Sodom and Gomorrah, but the major reason for it’s destruction was because they had plentiful blessings and did not care to help those who were less fortunate than then selves. However, there are several stories in the Bible that speak on homosexual involvement being a sin, because anything unnatural such as these acts are considered “turning your back on the rule of God”, which would be equivalent to worshipping a false idol. The same goes for abortion as well. Though there isn’t a scripture specifically forbidding this per se, but there are a lot of scriptures in the Holy Bible that talk about the sanctity of birth, death, life, pregnancy, and God’s foreknowledge of individuals. Not just before birth, but before the person’s actual conception or before they are formed inside of the womb. After reading certain scriptures about the topics mention above, it is ultimately left up to you to decide whether or not it it moral or immoral to abort life. You...
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