contemporary issues in travel and tourism

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Task 1:

Task 2:

Task 3:

Task 4:

LO 1:
Identify and discuss two current issues (refer to the hints above) and the causes based on your investigation of the selected tourist destination and analyse them to determine to what extent they are driving the change in the destination.

LO 2:
Analyse and discuss the emerging trends (using appropriate techniques and tools) in terms of tourism product and service offerings such as attractions and accommodations in your selected destination. Assess and discuss how these trends influence change in terms of the type of visitors and their numbers.

LO 3:
Discuss how the selected travel and tourism organisation has responded to the emerging trends in terms of type of travel and tourism product demanded and the changing pattern of customer requirements. Critically analyse the responses (strategies) taken by the selected organisation.

LO 4:
Examine how effective were the responses and analyse the impacts on the performance of the travel and tourism organisation chosen. Critically analyse the consequences of firms failing to response to the changing needs.

P 1.1
P 1.2
M 1

P 2.1
P 2.2

M 2, D 1

P 3.1
P 3.2
P 3.3
D 2

P 4.1
P 4.2
D 3

How your work will be assessed
1. Your work will be assessed using the Grading Criteria shown below under Grading Criteria and Learning Outcomes. These are shown against the tasks so that you know exactly which task(s) refer to which criteria.

2. In the assignment you will have the opportunity to achieve at all levels – Pass, Merit or Distinction – and your highest achievement for each of the Grading Criteria will count. Occasionally a particular task may offer restricted opportunities (i.e. the best grade anyone could achieve would be a Pass or Merit) in which case the maximum grade will be specified.

3.In in the event your work does not meet the Pass criterion in any of the...
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