Contemporary History and Technology

Topics: Contemporary history, Modern history, Present Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Carlowie L. KabigtingDr. Archimedes David
III PhilosophyPhilosophy of Science
We are living in a contemporary world where in the emergence of technology rather the advancement is at hand. Technology was been our tool on satisfying our “luho” in the betterment of making our work so much comfortable. Living in a world where everything was “instant”. Instant noodles, coffee, messaging, etc. and even instant friend or people exist. Man has made things on the rack by putting the man as the center of all things. In which the world was been conforming to man not the man who conforms to the world. Knowledge is power. As a contemporary individual,being born in the emergence of cellular phones and technology. Life was been an easy way of living with the help of technology. If in the pre-modern period, people used telegrams or letters in order to reach individuals from faraway place and will took months for the letter to reach on that certain person. But now, at the modern time, technology has made it easy to reach out to several people with a minimal effort. With just a nap of seconds you can not only talk to the person but rather you can also see him. If we would compare the pre-modern and modern times you can easily determine the big shift of thoughts of an individual. There is a big shift in perspective regarding on how life would be live. With all these conveniences technology has offered to us, technology has also its own evils. Could you even asked what were the things that technology has offered you? What are the good things it has given you or satisfy you? Communication? Yes. A comfortable life? Yes. Is that all? How about the bad things it caused? Loosing privacy, different scandals, crimes, trafficking and etc. are we not aware of things same as of our being aware on how to make more things advance? “melati ne ing yatu pauli na ning “technology”” with our easy access on technology, “atin nalang sariling yatu ding bawat tau”. Looking at...
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