Contemporary Development

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* Contemporary Development of Business and Management
* BMW Germany / China
BMW Company Profile
What is your company?
* BMW is an automobile and motorcycle manufacturer
What does it do?
* BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1917. * Headquarter is in Munich, Bavaria, Germany
* Owns and produces Mini as well as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars * Is served worldwide
How many staff?
* Employees:105.876 (2012)
Turnover und Profit?
* 76.848 Billion Euros (2012)
* 1.349 Billion Euros equals growth rate of 18% (2012)
What type of customer?
* One thing all BMW customers have in common is their appreciation of driving fun and sporty, yet elegantly designed cars. * Female customers tend to prefer open driving: BMW 3 Series Convertible and BMW Z4 * Modern Families with children: BMW X Models, X3 and X5

* Customers characterized by an active lifestyle, with an high interest in outdoor activities (i.e. water sports, cycling and skiing): 3 Series and 5 Series * Customers aged 39 years and younger: BMW 1 Series

Who are the competitors?
* All organizations within the automobile industry are competitors of BMW. * However Audi and Mercedes-Benz are probably considered to be the strongest competitors on BMW What would be the risks?

International investing can be a powerful way to boost the performance of a portfolio. However, investing in foreign markets also involves risks that can sometimes be much greater, or more complex than the risks that investors would normally face when investing back in their country. Political Risks: It can simply be defined as the risk of losing money due to changes that occur in a country’s government or regulatory environment like: * Acts Of War

* Terrorism
* Military Coups
* The Change of a new president or prime minister
* The Change in the country’s legislation

All these changes can have a big impact on a country’s economic environment and investor’s perceptions. Country Risks: can be measured by many different factors:
* Tax Law
* Political upheavals
* Changes in a country’s road map
Economic Risks: are associated with a country’s financial and other economical condition: * Ability to repay its depths
* Domestic economy
* Labor market
Induction and module introduction
Business Environments are human activities like production, extraction, purchase or sales of goods that are performed for earning profits. The transformation from Inputs and outputs vary from industry to industry but will include the following categories: Land, Materials and equipment, Human resources, Technology, Financial resources Inputs are the raw materials and components used by a business e.g. gold, silver (BMW: metal, plastic, glass etc.) Processes are the methods used to convert raw materials e.g. designing, cutting, bending, soldering, and polishing. (Varnishing, composing materials) Outputs are the products or services produced when the inputs are converted e.g. rings, bracelets, bangles or necklaces. (BMW: the car and services) PESTLE-Analysis

Political Environmente.g. EU enlargement, the euro, international trade, taxation policy Economic Environment e.g. interest & exchange rates, national income, inflation, unemployment Socio-cultural Environmente.g. ageing population, attitudes to work, income distribution Technological Environmente.g. innovation, product development, rate of technological obsolescence Legal Environmente.g. global warming, environmental issues Ecological Environment e.g. competition law, health and safety, employment law * Globalization

Held (1999): …is the widening, deepening and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness in all aspects of contemporary social life, from culture, to the criminal the financial to spiritual. ….it involves the creation of ‘linkages’ or ‘interconnections’ between...
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