Contemporary Challenges for Criminal Justice Administrator

Topics: Judge, Jury, Circuit court Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: December 21, 2009
This following paper is on contemporary challenges for the criminal justice administrator and will focus on the courts area. The major issues and satisfactions of this particular role will be described also. Also the questions of whether or not this course has helped prepare me will be discussed as well. When it comes to a court administrator, they are generally selected by the County and Circuit Court Judges to assist Chief Judge in carrying out the administrative duties of the court. The overall responsibility of the Court Administrators office is to serve as staff to the Circuit and County Court Judges and to also oversee and supervise the operation of all the court programs. They also ensure that there is smooth operation of and coordination between all the units. The Court Administrator’s Office also provides assistance to ensure that day to day operations are ran smoothly and to mission standards. (2009) When it comes to the court administrator’s responsibility for multiple tasks within the department, they are also there to somewhat implement positive changes. The court administrator has to be an individual that is able to think on their feet quite quickly because you never know when your sources are going to be needed. When it comes to the overall job of the court administrator they are there to more than just manage employees. They are there to perform statistical analysis, management on records, case flow management, fiscal responsibilities, management of personnel and designing and implementing the procedures within the pre existing guidelines of the court. This responsibility of the court administrator cannot be taken slightly because one wrong thing that is conducted can mess up a lot of things. There are many perks when it comes to this job but the job title also has many factors which can also make it a difficult one at times as well. There are also many positive aspects when it comes to being a courts administrator as well and they are that it...

References: The Office of the Court Administrator. (2009) Court Administration. Retrieved December 9, 2009 from the website
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