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“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

DEFINITION: As the topic (unconventional marketing) tells us that there should be no definition, there are no rules, there is no leader. The only thing that matters is ‘being different’ in such a way that attracts more attention and gives you more profits than the standard marketing practices.

RELEVANCE IN CONTEMPORARY ENVIRONMENT: As the world is becoming glocalized (global village), the competition is increasing at an unprecedented rate. As a result the world is becoming an over communicated society which results in target customer getting more confused and irritated. To retain the market share and profits in such a confused situation, companies are spending more money than ever in marketing activities. But winners are only those who are resorting to ‘unconventional’ ways of marketing. Through this way they are able to reach out to more customers in a cost effective way. They are able to think of more of ideas and experiment with their marketing strategies and coming up with high impacted impressions in the minds of the customers.

TAKEAWAYS FROM THE PRESENTATION: The presentation took the holistic view of the topic and explained different ways of being unconventional with lots of examples. There can be various ways of adopting innovative ways of reaching out to the customers. For eg Social media marketing ( facebook, twitter), Guerilla Marketing ( Ebay), Experiential Marketing ( Dove), Moss Griffiti, Chalk Art, Reverse Grafitti, Snow tagging, Cause related marketing (Nike), etc

The four key takeaways from the presentation were that unconventional marketing is :

• More Cost effective

• More Attractive

• More Experimental

• More impactful with speedy results

WHAT WENT MISSING IN THE PRESENTATION: The presentation was manly focussing the promotion aspect of marketing but missed out on the other important aspects like price, product, and place. Giving some examples on all these aspects also could have been more useful for the listeners.

FUTURE OF UNCONVENTIOANAL MARKETING: According to me, the future of unconventional marketing lies in the concept called ‘experiential marketing’. The real time experience of using the product or service which would help consumer take better decision and give instant feedback to the companies, is the trend which is about to catch up in Indian business in a really short time


“The ability of a online advertising to provide instant gratification—whether communication, information, or entertainment—whenever and (more importantly) wherever a consumer happens to be empowers both advertisers and consumers, and creates a strong likelihood that online communication devices will become the next great advertising medium.”

Interactive Advertising Bureau – July 2008

DEFINING ONLINE ADVERTISING: Digital advertising may be defined as advertising your product/service through internet using various methods. It is paradigm shift in the way companies used to advertise from TV/Radio/Print media to online media. All the companies have their own websites and blogs and they have started reaching consumers through these mediums because of the numerous benefits digital advertising or marketing has.

ROLE OF DIGITAL ADVERTISING IN TODAY’S ENVIRONMENT: As there is too much clutter in the advertising world these days, consumers have started giving preference to recommendations by the current users and their views because consumers think that they can trust the users more than the advertisers. That is why blogs have become suddenly popular in the advertising world. Moreover digital advertising has become the best and the most cost effective way to target the youth segment.

TAKEAWAYS FROM THE PRESENTATION: The presentation deals with both benefits and limitations of digital advertising in the...
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