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Library Guide Series, No. 9

“Qui scit ubi scientis sit, ille est proximus habenti.” -- Brunetiere* This bibliography is highly selective and is meant only as a starting place to aid the beginning art history student in his/her search for library material. The list does not include materials on individual artists. The serious student will find other relevant sources by noting citations within the encyclopedias, books, journal articles, and other sources listed below in addition to searching Pitt Cat Plus, the ULS online catalog.

Before Beginning Research
FFAL Hours: M-H, 9-9; F, 9-5; Sa-Su, Noon - 5 Policies Requesting Items: All ULS libraries allow you to request an item that is at Storage or checked out, etc. at no charge by using the “Get It” icon in Pitt Cat Plus. Items that are not in the Pitt library system may also be requested from another library that owns them via the “Get It” icon. There is a $5.00 feel for photocopying journal articles (unless they are sent to the student via email). Requesting books from another library is free of charge. Photocopying and Printing: There are two photocopiers and one printer in the FFAL Reference Room. One photocopier accepts cash (15 cents per copy) and both are equipped with a reader for the Pitt ID debit card (10 cents per copy). Funds may be added to the cards at a machine in Hillman Library by using cash or a major credit card; or by calling the Panther Central office (412-648-1100) or visiting Panther Central in the lobby of Litchfield Towers and using cash or a major credit card. The printers in ULS libraries also accept the Pitt ID debit card. NOTE: One may also pay for library fees and fines with the Pitt ID debit card or a major credit card. Retrieving Materials in the FFAL: Journals and books will be retrieved for you by student assistants in the Reading Room of the FFAL. Please submit to them a complete call number with a brief title for each book and a complete citation for each journal article needed (i.e., journal title, volume and date).


Use My Account Tab in Pitt Cat to keep track of requests made, know what fees may have accrued in your account, and renew books yourself.

Notes on Using the Internet for Research
• For research purposes, the Internet consists of the “free web” and Internet resources that are purchased and provided by ULS Libraries on the “deep web” (i.e., Grove’s Dictionary of Art and other databases listed below and Pitt Cat, the ULS online catalog). • Web resources on the “deep web” – including many article databases – are carefully chosen to support academic work. Use these resources to locate books, articles and other resources that you cannot access through the “free web.” Start on the ULS home page (see below) to search Internet resources provided by the ULS. The “free web” is a great place to look for factual and introductory information and for some types of images. Note, however, that only about 6% of the “free web” is academic in nature. Much of the rest of what is on the Internet is commercial or personal. Site on the “free web” vary greatly in quality and must be critically evaluated. While books and journals are usually reviewed for substance and accuracy before they are published, anyone can create a web site that says anything at all. Evaluate each web site and choose the best ones for your work. For more on this topic see the ULS web site entitled Surfing the Cyber Library Use search engines to search the “free web.” Each search engine has strengths and weaknesses and will produce different results. None effectively searches the entire web. Try using more than one search engine for your searches. Use an “advanced search” mode to do more flexible searching. All that said, it may one of the few places to locate information on emerging artists, many of whom have created their own web sites! See the section on...

Citations: 61
BitStreams: Contemporary Art Harnesses Digital Media Whitney Museum of American Art, March 22, 2001 – June 10, 2001 This continues to be accessible from the Whitney Museum of American Art web site (
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