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Campbell-Ewald, an award winning integrated communications agency, noticed that their customer relationship management (CRM) solutions were not meeting the expectations that they should. In order to gain an understanding of how respect influences customer loyalty and purchasing, they team up with a research company, Synovate and developed three different surveys. The surveys consisted of 27 to 29 attitudinal statements that customer use a 5-point scale to rate. They statements were designed to measure how the customers defined respect and how important respect was in determining a purchase. They selected more than 5,000 customers from each business sectors: insurance, automotive, and retail, and mailed them the survey to complete. The customers they selected to survey were adults at least 18 years of age (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Once they had received the completed surveys they analyzed the results. They then used the results to validate the relevance of its five “People Principles”. The five “People Principles” were: Appreciate me

Intentions don’t matter; actions do
Listen; then you’ll know what I said.
It’s about me, not about you.
Admit it- you goofed!

These five “People Principles” have helped companies like General Motors, Continental Airlines, and Farmers Insurance incorporate respectful behaviors into their business operations (Cooper & Schindler, 2011).

When Campbell-Ewald and Synovate developed the surveys they knew that they needed to address respect from all areas such as how a customer ranks respect to loyalty, respect to purchases, respect to continue purchases, and respect to referrals. By gaining a complete overview on how a customer reviews respect then they could develop the five “People Principles” that their clients could use to improve customer service, increase revenue, gain a competitive advantage, and build a thriving business. Campbell-Ewald knew that their research, findings, and developments would be what would...
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