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The Impact of Global Trade on Our Daily Lives
December 19, 2011 By Nergis Isikli 12 Comments
It’s been seven years since I started working in the Logistics industry.  Every day here at MTS Logistics, we witness tons of goods traveling oceans across continents to reach remote parts of the world. Very rarely though, in our everyday life, do we stop and think about the journey of, say the Ecuadorian banana we are pureeing for our baby –  and how it contributes to world economy, as well as Ecuadorian economic growth. Again, very rarely, are goods made locally any more. That is a fact.  There are good reasons for it: Economic reasons explaining that the production of some goods is much more expensive locally, or domestically. For ocean trade, economies of scale and low cost mode explains it all.

There are several different ways to transport goods globally, of course. Ocean transportation is my area. The container shipping industry has a huge impact on world trade, the environment and history. Not only that, but also it provides valuable support in subject areas such as geography, business studies, economics and commerce. I truly am proud to be a part of this industry. That is why I wanted to gather some simple facts for us all to learn and keep in mind in our daily routines. As far as history goes, the Egyptian coastal sailing ships were trading as early as around 3,200 BC. Today, maritime transportation is at a stage where about 90-95% of international trade is carried on board ships of some sort. By the invention of the steam engine as early as 1704, ships were not subject to dominant wind patterns.  Nature started to be a lesser degree obstacle in maritime transportation therefore making it  more efficient. However, still in Northern Canada, for example, simple geographical placement of the terminal demands ships that are able to handle heavy ice conditions during winter months. The average speed of ships is about 15 knots today, which is 28 km per hour. So...
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