Contagion Movie Essay

Topics: Death, Disease, Infectious disease Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: February 27, 2013
In the movie called "Contagion", a strange virus is affecting the U.S. population. There have been cases of death among scientists who try to discover the origin of the acute disease that is spreading rapidly through population. Within their studies it is believed that the cause was an attack rate. The virus possible spread from person to person, and the person who contracted it transferred it to another person. These investigations were conducted through descriptive and observational studies. This virus spread and they will have to act swiftly to prevent more deaths. This strange virus is threatening the lives of many Americans. It begins with rare symptoms like dizziness, cough, fever, and the worst part is that this virus is contagious. This means that a person who has contact with the patient or any object that is touched by the disease may quickly acquire it. The virus spreads rapidly throughout the body and in matters of weeks the patient becomes unconscious and dies. Scientists are beginning to conduct research to find what caused this virus. They gather statistics of mortality and discovered that people who have died similar deaths were in the same place. That place is probably where they acquired the virus. According to the scientist, these people were in Hong Kong in a meeting and obtained the virus which they later transferred to others. This research was described in a study, but they had to investigate more because of lack of knowing where, who, and how the virus was transmitted. In order to establish how it originated, experimental studies were conducted. They studied the bodies of the dead and took samples to see how dangerous this virus was and how they could attack to prevent further deaths. Meanwhile, the virus was being transmitted and had destroyed much of the population. The community begun behaving in mad, as they wanted to save themselves and did not have any vaccines to help. They created a cure for the virus but the new problem was...
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