Topics: Influenza, Infectious disease, Common cold Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: January 13, 2013

Beth Emhoff, a married Minneapolis executive, flies to Hong Kong on business. Upon her return, she's gripped with flu-like symptoms, has a seizure in her kitchen, and dies. Her husband, Mitch , is in shock. Meantime, the Center for Disease Control is flooded with calls from around the country and the globe; whatever killed Beth is killing plenty of other people, too. Meanwhile, a blogger is convinced of a government conspiracy and hypes an alternative remedy, while others are up in arms and start looting. It's up to Dr. Ellis Cheever and his investigators as well as other scientists and doctors around the world, to identify the agent and find a cure before the planet loses millions more citizens.

This disease was a very deadly viral disease that spread very fast all around the world. this disease spread very easily. if you touched or made any any contact with any person that was infected by it.  The symptoms are cough, headache, malaise, fever, and,  as a prelude to death, frothing around the mouth.

This deadly disease originated  from a bat that was eating a banana. then the bat dropped the banana and a pig ate it. once the pig ate it they slaughtered the pig the took it to the restaurant. Beth wanted to meet with the restaurant's owner so he shook hands with her while he had the pig germs on him. from then on, everyone she touched or made contact with got infected.

At the end of the movie the found a cure H1N1, that cured the virus. they got it from monkeys. they found a method of preventing by making everyone stay at their homes. make sure anyone that was sick was immediately sent to a facility. everyone was scared to touch or get near anyone. the whole world became a disaster. Finally they made a vaccine that cured everyone. This disease was similar to HIV because, HIV and the other disease were contagious and they were both deadly. The diseases were different in some ways as well. they HIV had no cure but has treatments. HIV is spread...
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