Consumtion Habits in Thailand for Soap and Detergent

Topics: Soap, Detergent, Surfactant Pages: 4 (1238 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Enterring any market requires a good understanding of consumers. For this particular product the focus will first be on the market in Thailand, mainly during a flood situation. As the product can be used in daily life, expansion to the rest of Asia will be in the second phase. This paper will discuss the product concept and general purchasing behavious facts taken from secondary research. The second part will look at the findings made from observations and questionnnaires. Lastly, the marketing mix will be discusssed with an emphasis on a probable approach for the product at hand.

The Product

The product concept is to create a soap and detergent that repels all insects, especially mosquitos, spiders and termites. The insect quantity is a large problem in humid areas such as in Asian countries and during a flood situation their numbers seem to multiply. The product would be usable on skin and also for washing clothes in order to give double protection. From the findings below, the most probable form (solid,liquid), target market and attributes will be determined.

The Buyer Behaviour in General

Thailand shares a division of traditional and modern trade. The so called “wet-markets” that are found all over different areas are still a popular method for buying the daily household needs (Gorton 2). The majority of people using wet-markets is the older generation who seek to keep to their habits. Another common factor for shopping at wet-markets is for product freshness. The product concept at hand however is not dependant on freshness and therefore can be marketed in the more modern trade trend. Thailand was hit by a so-called “supermarket-boom’’ due to urbanisation and rising incomes which has had a large effect on the change in buyer habits (Gorton 2-3). Today, buyers have a variety of shops to choose from (conveniance stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and wet-markets) which also leads to a variety of ways to distribute the product....
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