Consumption a Wicked Problem

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Problem solving, Emission standard Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Explain how consumption is a wicked problem and demonstrate how this wicked problem poses an opportunity for business. Problems that are very complex and difficult to solve are called Wicked Problems. Some characteristics of a wicked problem are that they don’t have one right answer, are hard to define and are never finished. (University of Technology Sydney, 2011)A leading article about defining wicked problems was written by Rittle. One example of a wicked problem he used is the question ‘what would be necessary in identifying the nature of the poverty problem’. For this problem there is not one answer, and it’s hard to define the real problem. Does poverty mean low income? Yes, in part. But what are the determinants of low income? Etc. (Rittel and Webber, 1973) That consumption is a wicked problem is clear. Our lifestyle and standards for living are higher than de resources available. Solving this problem is very complex; we should change our way of living and life standards. While the western countries are trying to be more sustainable,are countries like China rapidly developing,there consuming has increased a lot recent decades. This puts even more pressure on the environment, since they need more resources. (Jingru et al., 2009) To change and try to minimize the impact on the environment a lot of countries have agreed to reduce their emission of carbon dioxide by twenty per cent in 2020. To achieve those goals the government has to force people to change their way of living and force companies to change the way they work. The government does this by stimulating sustainable solutions, or carbon tax. Obviously there is not much business in make people consuming less. However there is an opportunity for a new business, consumers and companies are looking for new ways to be sustainable. There are a lot of new strategies, products and ideas coming up. One way to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide is to reduce on heating;almost half the UK’s carbon dioxide...
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