Consumers Preference to Brands

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1. Introduction

Sports shoes are specially designed for the sports persons considering their convenience. Very interestingly, the use of sports shoes is not only limited to purpose of sports, in recent years sports shoes are also used for casual everyday activities. In this report we have tried to give a general idea about the impact of brand equity in the purchase of sports shoes, the factors considering before the purchase and the extent of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the consumers with their preferred brand.

1.1 Origin

The report is originated as a course requirement for the course assigned by our course instructor . Students, representing groups of six members, were asked to pick a topic of their own choice with enough scope to use the statistical tools learnt during the course. We have selected sports shoes and prepared this report based on the data collected through conducting a survey focusing on the consumers’ preferences towards branded sports shoes.

1.2 Objective

The objectives of this report are –

Broad Objectives:

* To present an overview of consumers’ preferences towards branded sports shoes.

Specific Objectives:

* To identify the factors influencing the people at the time of purchasing sport shoes * To present a comparison among various branded sport shoes available in Bangladesh * To find out the personal views of people regarding choices among various branded sport shoes. * To measure the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction among the people with their preferred brand. * To use the statistical tools learnt during the course, on collected data.

1.3 Methodology

The relevant information and data for this report is collected from primary sources. We have used the most popular tool of primary data collection through direct communication with respondents. All the data is collected by survey following questionnaire and interview method. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected by the same means.

1.3.1 Sources of data:

We have used primary data for the analysis. Required data for the preparation of this report has been collected by, * Face to face interview with the consumers
* Through structured questionnaire

1.3.2 Data collection instrument:

To keep the survey simple and user friendly we have prepared a standard structured questionnaire using Likert Scale.

1.3.3 Sampling Method:

We took Dhaka city as our survey area and applied random sampling to collect data for our convenience.
1.3.4 Sample Size:

Sample size in this research is 200.

1.3.5 Statistical Tools to be used

We would show an analysis of the satisfaction level of consumers of branded sports shoes using statistical tools like mean, variance, standard deviation and standard error. We have applied Estimation, Hypothesis testing and Chi-Square Test on collected data. We have shown the analyses done in this report using tables, graphs, charts etc.

We have used the following formula for data analysis,

Mean, x=∑fxnVariance, σ2= ∑f(x-x )2n-1 Standard Deviation, σ =σ2Standard Error, σ x = σnz = x-μσx|

1.4 Limitations:

* Survey has been conducted only on some selected areas of Dhaka city because of time constraints. * A larger sample size is required for generalized findings. * But a larger sample size may increase the time and cost of collecting the primary data with the help of Questionnaire. * In some of the retail showroom it is not allowed to get the questionnaire filled. * Some people were not willing to respond and few of them who responded were in hurry hence the active participation was lacking. Due to which we faced difficulties in collecting information’s regarding our questionnaire. * People were hesitating to give information about their views freely.


2.1 Sports shoe:
Sports shoe is a generic name for the footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical...
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