consumers as men and women

Topics: Trousers, Gender, Abercrombie & Fitch Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Women shop much different from men. Women like to take their time, buy a variety of things, and shop a lot. Men on the other hand like to get what they need, get out of the store, and they do not shop often.

When women go shopping, they do not just go for what they need. Women shop for their wants a lot. For example, if a women goes into the store just for a pair of pants that they need, an hour later they will come out with shoes, pants, and shirts. Us women walk around stores slowly and look at everything hanging up and on the shelves. The amount of time men and women spend shopping is drastically different. When it comes to shopping, men are more goal-oriented and are usually on a mission. They know what they need to get and have it all planned from before. Therefore, at the store all they have to do is buy it and leave. On the other hand, women are likely to stroll around the mall, try out few things, and look around new brands and more. When women go clothing shopping it takes them awhile. Women do not just go to any store either. A lot of women have to wear name brand clothes such as American Eagle, Victoria Secret Pink, and Abercrombie and Fitch. Women like to impress the public with our outfits. Not only do women take a long time to shop we also buy everything at the stores. Women buy every color of the same shirt, jeans, and sweaters. Men on the other hand are not as particular. Most men do not care what their outfit looks like. Half the time men do not even match. Although most men do not care there are some men who do. Women like their shoes as well. Women like to have a variety of shoes so they can match their outfits. They are also, normally name brand. Women of course like Uggs, Sperry’s, and of course Nike sneakers. Men though, already have their mind set that their going in the store, buying sneakers and getting out. A lot of times men do not even look at the price. They will just pick the sneakers up and buy them....
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