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Consumerization of IT: 95% of Information Workers Use Self-Purchased Technology for Work

recently conducted a survey of IT consumerization trends on behalf Unisys. The survey found that consumerization is well underway - among the findings is the fact that 95% of the workers who responded have used technology they purchased themselves for work. However, there is a disconnect between employees and employers about how consumer technologies are used in the enterprise.

There were 2,820 information worker respondents from ten different countries and 610 employer respondents (C-level executives, vice presidents, director-level IT personnel, and business-unit level executives) from the same countries. Findings from the study:

• Employers don't seem to know how many or what consumer technologies are in use in their workplace. Workers report using consumer devices at twice the rate employers reported. • Workers are dissatisfied with the level of support IT provides for consumer technologies. • Employees think their employers are more permissive of the use of consumer technologies than the employers actually are. Most workers, 67%, say they can access non-work-related websites, but only 44% of employers say their employees can access non-work-related sites. Meanwhile, 52% of workers say that can store personal data on the company network, but only 37% of employers say this is the case. • Although employers want to increase the business use of social networking in the next year, few are integrating those technologies into existing enterprise applications. • Many organizations (40%) lack guidelines for social media use in the workplace. • Even though 95% of employees use self-purchased technologies for work, 70% employers want to buy standardized technologies for them. Also, 57% employers said they were unlikely to start a stipend program to pay for employee purchases within the next two years. • Tech savvy workers want to work for tech-savvy...
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