Consumerism: Pollution and Main Body Section

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The Negative Effects of Consumerism


Consumerism refers to belief that buying and using a large quantity of goods and services is desirable for an individual person or society and has a big influence on lifestyle. Although, consumerism has its benefits to create job opportunities, enable choices for people, and reduces costs; however, it has affected the environment, causing a waste of materials, affects society by encouraging consumers to purchase such items, and causes the economy to struggle.

Main Body Section 1

To start, people today buy stuff to obtain a personal enjoyment and something appealing. It is not because they need most of the stuff they buy, it is due to how a product is advertised to customers. For example, the consumer puts their products out there and makes it eye catching for them to buy, and most people feel that they will have the satisfaction on having an up-to-date product even though there is not a big change, which most companies take advantage of by introducing a new product at a certain period of time. Consumerism in the economy is reflected most in the consumer electronics business furthermore, consumerism has a big impact on a nation’s economic strength and society. It has been identified by how a lot of people have run up into debt by purchasing the latest and greatest in electronics (Hicks, 2008.)

Apple has successfully created consumer demands for its products. Samsung and Apple remain the two largest buyers of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices for consumer and mobile applications in 2011; both last year accounted for a combined 37 percent of the consumer and mobile MEMS space (HIS iSuppli Research, 2012.) Consumerism has positively affected big business, but has not been good for the consumer.

Main Body Section 2

Consumerism encourages people to fall unto debt. Canadians household is debt recorded as the highest in developed countries (Durden, 2013.) Compared it to 20 years ago, it has...
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