Consumer Traits and Behavior Paper

Topics: Marketing, Psychology, Business Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Consumer traits and behavior
The practice of making a purchase or the influence of purchasing habits consists of several unseen processes. Most of these processes consist of consumer traits, social, psychological, decision, and behavior processes, which are in need of research. Organized study has gathered several theories and reasons concerning how, and why consumer traits and behavior have influence concerning the purchasing process. The consumer psychologist propose that each purchase made by consumers are in a number of ways influenced by components, such as cultural influences, psychological, and social processes, internal, and external factors. Consumers of today are demonstrating a desire for fresh products and services. Because of these desires, doors of opportunity are opened for consumers, marketing providers, and businesses to approve or disapprove new concepts. Organizations will need to conduct nationwide research concerning the consumer’s behavior, and his or her decision- making processes. The research will support a variety of roles and ideas for product development. A successful marketer understands the numerous causes, motivation, and influences of consumer purchasing. A psychological process occurs in the minds of individuals, and usually affects the individuals’ behavior. Concerning this topic, psychological process determines the consumer’s behavior. The team member will discuss three psychological processes, and three social processes. The team member will begin with psychological processes. Motivation: The internal force that encourages the consumer to take certain actions, Memory: Consumers use this process to store, acquire, retain, and retrieve information sometimes later. Perception: by perception, consumers interpret, and organize sensations that affect him or her, and important to his or her lives. A social process occurs in an individuals’ life or surroundings. An individuals’ social life may affect his or her patterns of...
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